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The Sfincione dish is among the most widely used and traditional Sicilian pizza. This thick flatbread experienced having a delicious tomato sauce, maintained anchovies, and Sicilian cheeses is really a road foods delicacy easy to find inside the Palermitan marketplaces: a must-to-consider by using a really historical record. Right here the conventional recipe!

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The Sfincione is among the most conventional Sicilian pizzas coming within the Palermo region. This pizzas is one of the need to-to-consider Sicilian road food products.

This dish was initially equipped during the Christmas time festivities, but at present is prepared and dished up all through the year.

The foundation from the brand offers us a clue of the antiquity with this formula: it seems like to result from the Latin Spongia and Ancient greek Spongos, that means each of them “Sponge”.

The Sfincione is also named Origanata, due to the a good amount of oregano accustomed to have the marinade.

Even when the Sfincione is easy to find in the Palermitan area, probably the most classic place where to locate this delicious pizzas is definitely the Alberghiera area in Palermo, and specifically, Porta Sant’anna. The Sfincione‘s providers are classified as Sfinciunari inside the Palermitan dialect: they drive around the outside trading markets and stops about the crossing streets marketing Sfincione on board of distinct three-tires motorcycles called Ape Piaggio. If you are checking out Palermo and are struggling to locate any Sfinciunaro, don’t worry: it is possible to listen to them yelling Sfinciune, Sfinciune by way of their megaphones!

Deciding On The Cheddar cheese

Combined with the tomato sauce, the cheese is definitely the protagonist of the Sfincione menu. Essentially, the cheeses accustomed to put together the Sfincione are two.

The first is really a semi-soft dairy products, generally Primo Purchase or young Caciocavallo. This cheese is diced and added to the flatten cash just before to distribute the tomato sauce. In the event that these cheeses will not be offered, a significant option is a semi-soft goat cheddar.

The second dairy products will be the Ragusano (additionally substituted with Pecorino), grated across the other toppings. The amount of Ragusano is personalized: some cooks work with an abundant quantity, some other a very small part.


To prepare a perfect Sfincione, it’s essential produce a good tomato sauce. The red onion may be sometimes white or reddish colored based on your preferences. Typically, total canned Italian (Initial San Marzano are my selection) work most effectively tomato plants to make use of. Saut the sauce till thicker, but nevertheless creamy.

Safeguarded anchovies fillets are yet another conventional elements, and may be either safeguarded in oils or salt.


In Bagheria, a bit community in close proximity to to Palermo, it is standard to produce white Sfincione with ricotta cheddar cheese as an alternative to tomato sauce.

Suggestions AND Recommendations

Right here some tips to prepare Sfincione perfectly:

THE Cash – the level of flour is a bit various every now and then, dependant upon the ecological situations. The time of year also situation the rising: the primary point is double the amount number of the cash.

TOMATO SAUCE – choosing the right tomato plants is crucial, my selection are processed San Marzano tomato plants. The marinade should be packed and thick, but nonetheless creamy and very easily spreadable.

Natural herbs – Dried out oregano is the most conventional herbal. Some culinary experts enjoy to add minced fresh oregano on the very end.

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