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Roast chicken pie

Roast chicken pie

The supreme ease and comfort meals menu. Glowing light brown pastry as well as a foamy fowl, leek and bacon satisfying turn this into a true feast for family and friends

Nourishment and further information

Nourishment: for each helping

  • kcal 751

  • body fat 43g

  • saturates 19g

  • carbohydrates 44g

  • all kinds of sugar 5g

  • nutritional fibre 6g

  • health proteins 46g

  • salt 2.4g


For your pastry


Flour is a powdery component generally made out of mincing whole wheat, maize, rye, barley or rice. As…


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For that stuffing

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Extra virgin olive oil

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Like garlic cloves and onion, leeks are part of the allium family, but have their own personal distinct…


Butter is made when lactic-acid creating harmful bacteria are added to product and churned to help make an…

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Heat your oven to 180C/160C lover/gas 5. Time of year the chicken breast and roast for 1 hr 30 mins before the fruit juices work very clear once you cut in to the lower-leg.

To create the pastry, sift the flour and sodium right into a bowl, then grate in the butter and lard. Rub the mix together with your fingertips into breadcrumbs, then add more 2 tbsp cool drinking water. Carry on and include frosty normal water, 1 tbsp at the same time, until the blend binds jointly. Be careful not to put excessive. Wrap in hang on motion picture and leave to relax whilst you make the satisfying. (Alternatively you can use ready-rolled shortcrust pastry).

In the sizeable, non-put frying pan, temperature the oil, then fry the bacon. When browned, reduce the temperature, add more the leeks and make right up until they have got softened. Combine the butter and flour right into a mixture and increase the pan, stirring to coat the sausage and leeks. Gradually add more the milk, mixing continuously to be sure the mix doesn’t get lumpy. Include the chicken stock and petit pois, make for 2 mins, then add more the mustard and take away through the temperature. As soon as the poultry is prepared, take away in the cooker, depart to relax temporarily and carve the meat, getting rid of the skin and bones. Add more this to the pan in addition to the parsley.

Change the your oven around 220C/200C fan/gasoline 6. Roll out two-thirds of the pastry and make use of to range a 25cm cake meal. Place your satisfying ahead, then roll out your staying pastry for your cake topping. Brush the edges from the pastry inside the pie recipe with water, then lay down the very best above it. Crimp and seal the sides and make use of any off of-slashes for decor. Remember to brush together with the outdone egg, make an By-formed minimize in the center for steam to flee. Make for 45 mins right up until fantastic.

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