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BBQ chicken pizza

BBQ chicken pizza

Create a healthy, reduced-calorie pizzas that results in three of the 5-a-day and give the takeaway a miss. The bbq poultry lends a moreish smoky taste

Nourishment and extra details

Nutrients: Every helping


To the bottom

  • 250g wholemeal flour, plus a small for kneading if necessary

  • 1 tsp quick write-up" information-tooltip-w >yeast


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Rapeseed gas

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For your topping

  • load of three peppers

  • 1 huge article" information-tooltip-w >onion


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Rapeseed essential oil

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Fennel seed products

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  • 2 tbsp bbq sauce

  • 2 tbsp tomato real

  • 1 huge skinless fowl breast fillet (about 225g), diced

  • 175g newborn plum tomatoes, quartered

  • 50g Applewood smoked cheddar cheese, grated

  • Strategy

    Warmth stove to 220C/200C fan/petrol 7. Idea the flour right into a stand mixer with a dough catch, or even a dish. Put the yeast, sodium, oils and 200ml warm water then combine well to your very gentle dough. Knead inside the food mixer for about 5 mins, however if causeing this to be by hand, suggestion on a operate area and knead for about 10 mins. The cash is sticky, but do not add too much additional flour. Keep in the bowl and deal with having a green tea soft towel as you halve and cut the peppers and onions. There is not any need to show the dough for any certain time, just allow it to sit as you have the topping.

    To the topping: chuck the peppers and red onion together with the oil and fennel seeds then roast for 15 mins. On the other hand mixture the bbq marinade and tomato pure with 5 tbsp h2o.

    Consider the dough from your bowl and hit into the basic or higher the edges of an oiled 25x35cm Swiss roll tin. Don’t knead the dough very first normally it will be too elastic and will always keep getting smaller back again. Distributed with sixty-six per cent in the barbecue sauce combine then add more the remainder on the poultry and toss well to coat it.

    Consider the roasted pepper combination from the your oven and spread out on top of the pizza. Scatter on the tomato plants then equally spoon on the bbq fowl. Scatter together with the cheese and prepare for 15 mins. Offer with a greens or healthful coleslaw.

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